News from the academy


May 22, 2021

Dr. Geneviève Blackburn and Dr. Andreas Nikolis announce the launch of the ARCA ZYGOMATICA Academy. The academy which is regionally and internationally based, will be dedicated to the teaching of essentials as well as advanced topics in aesthetic medicine. The first educational event will take place spring 2021. 

Visionaries at heart, the two co-founders have identified a cure for the crucial need for training in aesthetic medicine. Following an extensive and rigorous planning phase they are ready to provide their peers with a first class educational learning event.

 “ARCA ZYGOMATICA will not only meet a need but will do so in an original way,” explains Dr. Geneviève Blackburn. Indeed, training will be provided interactively to small groups and will always be offered in a question-exchange format. Live patient sessions and practice are an integral part of teaching.

Dr. Andreas Nikolis also underlines that “after more than 30 years in this career, we have an exceptional quantity of cases and material from which the whole community can benefit today. The aging process includes key features that must be understood in order to better manage them. The extraordinary complementarity between these two world-renowned doctors is noteworthy in terms of their career, academic background and incomparable professional experience.”

The co-founders will be offering a first training seminar in Montreal this fall on September 25th & 26th. Seminars will likely be offered nationally in Ontario or internationally in the United States as early as 2021. We encourage all qualified individuals and interested physicians to register early so that their training application can be considered.

If you have any questions, please send them through our website.