ARCA ZYGOMATICA Academy, Aesthetic Medicine from A to Z.

ARCA ZYGOMATICA is an educational academy focused on delivering intermediate to advanced training, conferences and seminars on a wide breadth of topics including facial anatomy and techniques in the management of facial aging.

Dr. Geneviève Blackburn and Dr. Andreas Nikolis combine two different but complementary approaches. The synergy between their approaches lead to a unique educational experience all focused on the goal, the safe and optimal treatment outcomes for you patients.

It is only by understanding the unique characteristics of each patient that we can provide balanced, optimal and natural results. The academy will provide the necessary tools to bridge these two concepts. 

The founders, from A to Z

Dr. Blackburn has a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and a doctorate in medicine from the University of Montreal, which she completed in 2006. 

Her spontaneity and efficiency led her to practice as an emergency physician in Montreal for eight years. In 2009, she started a joint practice in the field of aesthetic medicine, where she puts her attention to detail and vision for beauty to good use. In 2015, Dr. Blackburn decided to focus on private practice in aesthetic medicine and founded Clinique DGB to hone her techniques with the aim of providing a tailored approach. The clinic’s mission is to bring out the best in each patient. Its creed is that every form of beauty is unique.

Clinique DGB is now recognized across Quebec for its focus on personalization and quality, which all team members strive to provide. 


Dr. Nikolis graduated from Queen’s University’s School of Medicine in 1996, after which he went on to residency training in general surgery, plastic surgery and a fellowship in Craniofacial surgery. He further complemented his education with a master’s degree in surgery.

Dr. Nikolis has been the Senior Medical Director at Victoria Park Medispa since 2007. He has applied his knowledge of anatomy and the aging process to better assist his patients. He offers them a professional made-to-measure approach to ensure a natural and vibrant result.

His knowledge of and appreciation for aesthetics have led him to become a lead researcher for a number of aesthetics industry leaders. He has authored over 70 peer reviewed manuscripts on a number of topics, including plastic surgery and dermatology. He has presented more than 200 projects at various regional, national and international conferences. Dr. Nikolis is also a leading-edge trainer in aesthetic injectables, travelling to over 10-15 countries on a yearly basis.