Dr. Nikolis is an Associate professor of plastic surgery and has been the Senior Medical Director at Victoria Park Medispa since 2007. He has authored over 70 articles on a number of topics, including plastic surgery and dermatology. He has presented at over 200 projects at various regional, national and international conferences.
Dr. Blackburn is a general practitioner, trainer and founder of the Aesthetic Institute of Montreal and founder of the DGB clinic in Old Montreal. Dr. Blackburn has given more than 60 training sessions and conferences for professionals in the field.
" Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. “
-Oscar Wilde
Upcoming training
Advanced Master Classes
Hotel X - Toronto
May 21st & 22nd

Dre Geneviève Blackburn & Dr Andreas Nikolis


Welcome to Arca Zygomatica’s second course, this time hosted in Toronto, Ontario on may 21-22 2022. Our aesthetic industry experts Dre Blackburn and Dr Nikolis will share and showcase their expertise in this advanced intermediate seminar. This course invites all health professionals in the medical aesthetic field to attend.

It will include a comprehensive review of botulinum toxin and fillers with emphasis on

  1. Synergistic techniques when combining different categories of injectables
  2. Advanced discussion and video demonstration of facial anatomy with emphasis on complication avoidance
  3. Live injections using botulinum toxins and fillers of the upper,  middle, and lower thirds of the face and neck.
  4. Significant emphasis on the early identification and diagnosis of complications, and management of early and late complications.
  5. Multiple Q and A
News from the academy
  • May 22, 2021
    Dr. Geneviève Blackburn and Dr. Andreas Nikolis announce the launch of the ARCA ZYGOMATICA Academy. The academy which is regionally and internationally based, will be dedicated to the teaching of essentials as well as advanced topics in aesthetic medicine. The first educational event will take place spring 2021.  Visionaries at...